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Employer: Daimler AG
HPC G021-BB, Hans-Klemm-Str. 45
71034 Böblingen, Germany
EMail: christian at maihoefernet dot de

Are you looking for my research interests?
My publication site contains papers to download.
In professional services you will find my program committee memberships.

Are you looking for my Ph.d. thesis? You can find it at bookshops or online.

In the past I was the project manager of CarTalk2000, a European Union funded project. We focussed on new driver assistance systems which are based upon inter-vehicle communication. The main objective was the development of a self-organising vehicular ad-hoc radio network and applications which increase road safety.

Currently I am the project manager for Mercedes Connect Me remote services.
Mercedes Connect Me allows to control Mercedes vehicles very simply from your smartphone. You can change your vehicle settings or see vehicle information from wherever you happen to be. Hence, with Mercedes Connect Me remote services there is no need to be afraid of your parking location or the fuel level or driving range of your car, because you can check it conveniently from your smartphone. You can even start the auxiliary heating from the ease of your smartphone.
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